The Candidate Blueprint Index

StaffDNA released the Candidate Blueprint Index (CBI), which provides real-time healthcare candidate data detailing the types of jobs nursing and allied professionals are looking for and in which states they seek employment. The company is the first and only of its kind to release this type of inside look. With a nationwide shortage of qualified healthcare talent, employers blindly search for candidates without accurate insight into their employment preferences.

This data gives healthcare employers a more narrow focus as to where they should be spending their efforts. Candidate preferences consistently vary based on seasonal and environmental factors. By evaluating and understanding the specifics of a candidate’s job search, employers unlock the ultimate resource to strengthen their recruiting and sales tactics.

“The biggest pain point for industry employers is knowing where to find the talent they need,” Sheldon Arora, founder and CEO, said. “Not only do we find that talent, but we analyze and understand each candidate to make predictions for the future of the market.”

So far in 2014, candidates have sought the following job types:

Perm (34%) – Local Contracts (26%) – Per Diem (20%) – Travel/Temporary (20%)

The Top 5 states for employment are:

Florida (18%) – California (17%) – Texas (16%) – New York (12%) – North Carolina (11%)

For annual CBI data, visit www.staffdna.com/CBI.

About StaffDNA

Founded in 2014, StaffDNA serves hospitals, staffing firms and healthcare professionals through innovate solutions: a full-service VMS/MSP program, healthcare candidate database and compliance services. StaffDNA also provides cutting-edge career tools and resources for clinicians and a dedicated news service for healthcare travelers.

StaffDNA is owned by veterans of the healthcare staffing industry and a group of private investors. Visit www.staffdna.com to learn more.


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Posted: October 2, 2014


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