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StaffDNA announces the launch of its candidate profile service, which gives healthcare employers access to nursing and allied health professionals who are actively seeking employment. StaffDNA provides the most current repository of healthcare workers in the market, with a mission to build the world’s largest database of qualified healthcare talent.

The company delivers candidates in two formats – a limited profile and a full, comprehensive profile. Limited profiles contain a candidate’s basic contact information and employment preferences. A complete profile includes a resume, skills checklists, certifications, licenses and any related documents.

“A common struggle within the industry is quickly finding qualified help to meet clinical needs,” Sheldon Arora, founder and CEO, said. “StaffDNA connects healthcare employers with candidates who can fill specific needs.”

Employers have the option to select candidates by profession, specialty, location and job type. Once a candidate completes an application their license is verified, and the profile becomes immediately accessible to employers subscribed to criteria that matches the candidate’s information. Registered clients only pay for the profiles they receive.

About StaffDNA

Founded in 2014, StaffDNA serves hospitals, staffing firms and healthcare professionals through innovate solutions: a full-service VMS/MSP program, healthcare candidate database and compliance services. StaffDNA also provides cutting-edge career tools and resources for clinicians and a dedicated news service for healthcare travelers.

StaffDNA is owned by veterans of the healthcare staffing industry and a group of private investors. Visit www.staffdna.com to learn more.


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Posted: October 23, 2014


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