New: Compliance Cloud Storage

StaffDNA released their DNA Document Safe, which allows healthcare professionals to store and manage their resume, licenses, certifications and other credential documents from one centralized portal. The service is the first online platform of its kind.

The DNA Document Safe activates once a healthcare professional registers through StaffDNA. The account acts as a personal career profile, giving individuals the ability to track and maintain their information from anywhere in the world. The software gives healthcare workers the ability to download, print and email their documents to multiple employers, as well as set reminders to notify of expiring certifications and licenses, all from one secure location.

“There is no other service available that gives healthcare professionals the power to securely store and manage their compliance documents and deliver those documents to the employers they choose,” Sheldon Arora, founder and CEO, said. “Our software makes their lives easier by giving them the convenience to maintain and share this information for the lifetime of their career.”

For more information, visit www.staffdna.com.

About StaffDNA

Founded in 2014, StaffDNA serves hospitals, staffing firms and healthcare professionals through innovate solutions: a full-service VMS/MSP program, healthcare candidate database and compliance services. StaffDNA also provides cutting-edge career tools and resources for clinicians and a dedicated news service for healthcare travelers.

StaffDNA is owned by veterans of the healthcare staffing industry and a group of private investors. Visit www.staffdna.com to learn more.


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Posted: October 30, 2014


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