StaffDNA Announces New Online Platform for Healthcare Travelers

StaffDNA announced today the launch of Healthcare Traveler Today, a community platform and online content source for all things related to healthcare travelers. The platform brings a cohesive voice to healthcare travelers for the first time by chronicling and analyzing industry news and events. Travelers can use the site to stay in the know on industry changes, learn tips and tricks to help them land jobs they want, and see insights from industry insiders, healthcare experts and fellow travelers.

The site encourages healthcare travelers to submit their own tips, personal stories or relevant information about a specific facility, specialty or training program. The “Share Your Experience” feature encourages feedback on staffing agencies and facilities to empower healthcare travelers to advocate for one another and make better decisions before taking assignments.

Staffing agencies and hospitals benefit from this platform as well, because they are able to contribute content and and learn more about the issues that matter most to travelers. As the community grows, Healthcare Traveler Today will also add more resources for visitors to use.

“Nowhere on the Internet can you find one central location for all things related to healthcare travelers that has knowledgeable, objective information,” said Sheldon Arora, founder of StaffDNA. “Anything they need to know about what’s going on in the industry or the traveler lifestyle, they can find on this new site.”

Healthcare Traveler Today seeks to inform, equip and inspire healthcare travelers through building a community of professionals that network and share valuable information pertaining to their career and lifestyle. This will not only build camaraderie among a transient profession, but provide stability and resources to further improve the traveler experience.

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