Quarter 1 2017 CBI Report

StaffDNA has released its Candidate Blueprint Index (CBI) results for the first quarter of the year, which provides real-time data of clinician’s employment preferences nationwide. Data is obtained from a sample of nursing and allied health professionals who registered with StaffDNA during the months of January to March 2017.

The largest percentage (35%) of clinicians requested permanent positions, which indicates people are searching for more stable, long-term work. Contract work continued to make up a large percentage of our results, but with local contract requests coming in at 30% and travel requests at 28%, it’s important to note that healthcare candidates are wanting to stay closer to home. A significantly less percentage of job seekers (15.56%) requested per diem jobs.

Florida topped our list as the most popular state for both permanent and travel jobs, with a majority of southern states rounding out the top five. StaffDNA candidates can select multiple employment preferences, including state and job type.

The Top 5 states for permanent employment were:

Florida (12 %) – Texas (9%) – California (8%) – New York (7%) – Georgia (5 %)

The Top 5 states for contract employment were:

Florida (13 %) – Texas (10%) – California (9%) – Georgia (7%) – North Carolina (6%)

For more information about StaffDNA or the CBI, contact info@staffdna.com.

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Posted: April 3, 2017


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