Quarter 3 2017 CBI Report

StaffDNA, an innovative talent solutions firm, released its Candidate Blueprint Index (CBI) report for quarter three, which provides real-time insights into the employment preferences of clinical talent nationwide. Results are obtained from a sample of nursing and allied health professionals who registered with StaffDNA from July 1 to September 30, 2017.

StaffDNA analyzed a sample of 5,000 active, healthcare job seekers who sought to apply for open positions through the company’s SmartMatch technology over the three-month period. Applicants may have selected multiple employment preferences, including state and job type.

Forty-eight percent of applicants sought local contract positions, while 41 percent sought travel assignments, 33 percent permanent placement, and 20 percent per diem.

“This has been an unusual year in healthcare staffing,” said StaffDNA Founder Sheldon Arora. “Being faced with new healthcare regulations has caused job seekers to be more cautious when applying for jobs, and hospitals have elected for more selective hiring processes.”

Arora believes many hospitals are not as receptive to the demands of clinical travelers as they once were, instead focusing on more cost-effective ways of staffing. An increase of travel talent means hospitals are not as desperate to fill urgent needs, making the job market more competitive than ever for healthcare travelers.

The Top Five most requested states for overall employment were:

Florida (19%) – Texas (17 %) – California (16%) – North Carolina (8%) – Georgia (6%)

For a complete list of rankings, visit StaffDNA.com/CBI

About StaffDNA

Founded in 2014, StaffDNA serves hospitals, staffing firms and healthcare professionals through innovate solutions: a full-service VMS/MSP program, healthcare candidate database and compliance services. StaffDNA also provides cutting-edge career tools and resources for clinicians and a dedicated news service for healthcare travelers.

StaffDNA is owned by veterans of the healthcare staffing industry and a group of private investors. Visit www.staffdna.com to learn more.


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Posted: October 2, 2017


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