StaffDNA Launches New Source of Healthcare Candidates

StaffDNA Launches New Source of Healthcare Candidates

A brand new source of qualified healthcare talent is now available to staffing agencies, hospitals and institutions across the United States. StaffDNA officially launched what it calls the world’s largest database of healthcare candidates, a project that has been in the works for nearly 10 years.

Company founder and CEO Sheldon Arora teamed with a group of private investors to fundamentally change the way healthcare employers find and hire talent. “Quote goes here,” Arora said. “Quote.”

The company’s pre-launch began August 15 with promotional campaigns that encouraged clients to register for exclusive access to leads and profiles. On [insert date] StaffDNA signed its first two clients, Nightingale Nurses and LiquidAgents Healthcare.

StaffDNA’s mission is to simplify the job search for healthcare candidates by connecting them with employers seeking specific backgrounds, specialties and employment preferences. Clients have the ability to register for both lead and profile services with no minimum commitment required. The company’s flexible contract allows cancellation at any time, and clients only pay for what they receive.

For the healthcare candidate, StaffDNA gives full control. By creating a career profile, job-seeking professionals can maintain and modify their career and certification information at any time for maximum convenience.

StaffDNA will be launching new products and services over the next several months for both the candidate and client sides.

About StaffDNA

Founded in 2014, StaffDNA serves hospitals, staffing firms and healthcare professionals through innovate solutions: a full-service VMS/MSP program, healthcare candidate database and compliance services. StaffDNA also provides cutting-edge career tools and resources for clinicians and a dedicated news service for healthcare travelers.

StaffDNA is owned by veterans of the healthcare staffing industry and a group of private investors. Visit to learn more.

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