Our Commitment to Providers

Quality Talent

Speed is nothing without accuracy.

Our approach and unique connection to the broader healthcare workforce delivers the best candidates through:

1) Highly incentivized staffing firms, motivated to deliver their best candidates. Firms are JCAHO-certified, vetted, fully insured and committed to NATHO ethics.

2)StaffDNA's talent network, including our database of 1M+ clinicians and a community news site

3) Guarantee of service, backed with a financial commitment, for key metrics like job fill rates, turnover and more

Less Workload

A dedicated rep, who understands the industry, along with our robust support infrastructure ensure a commitment to:

1) Coordinated agency communication
2) Support of multiple timesheet collection processes
3) One single invoice
4) Reports for open jobs status, hours worked, agency spend and more

Cost Savings

Better than a coupon, our VMS is free for facilities. Being vendor-funded allows us to deliver:

1) Full-service VMS program with best-in-class software
2) Support for contracts, invoicing and compliance
3) Suppliers with full and fair insurance coverage
4) Suppliers that see submittal rates and compete for business
5) Use of local suppliers when available

Total Control

We do it all, while the facility remains in control:

1) Flexible contracts: facilities may leave our program
2) Established SLAs to ensure delivery of results
3) Search outside our program for any job not filled within 30 days
4) Remove underperforming suppliers from approved list
5) Direct communication with suppliers through web-based tools

Software Tools

Our best-in-class technology offers:

1) Comprehensive compliance with tools to collect, view, track and securely store documents
2) Simple, intuitive and responsive interfaces
3) Encrypted and secure data
4) Jobs quickly routed to local and national suppliers
5) Tools to quickly review candidates

Discover the StaffDNA difference.