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Our services are 100% free for any and all healthcare professionals.

We currently accept memberships from the following profession types: Nurses, Therapists and Technologists. Members with at least 1 year of overall experience in their profession and at least 6 months of recent hospital experience in their primary specialty area are in high demand.

All other healthcare professionals are welcome to apply for potential job opportunities.

Once you’ve completed your Career Profile, our SmartMatch technology begins connecting you with job opportunities specific to the preferences you’ve outlined. Employers seeking your specific skill sets will contact you with more information.

JobCast is the first ever active job search agent for the healthcare industry. When you are ready for a new job, login to your StaffDNA account and make sure your contact information and employment preferences are up-to-date. Turn your JobCast “ON” to alert our Employer Network that you are actively in the market for a job and ready to be contacted about matching opportunities. Once you’re hired, turn your JobCast “OFF” to let employers know you’ve found a job and are no longer available.

Our nationwide employer network consists of public, private and government healthcare systems, as well as large and small healthcare staffing firms.

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Share your work experience and job preferences in a few easy steps to let employers know exactly what you’re looking for.

Many times the skills checklist will not save because a bubble has been missed. Double check the skills checklist you are trying to submit for any missed answers. Once completed, the skills checklist link will turn orange and you can save that section to move forward.

Before our Employer Network is able to connect with you regarding available opportunities, we need to verify your contact information and credentials. This process takes 24-72 hours. You will receive an email notifying you once your profile has been approved. Sit back and relax while you wait to hear from our Employer Network about the jobs you’ve matched with.

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