Discover the StaffDNA Difference

To put it simply, we deliver on our commitments and guarantee results.

Discover the StaffDNA Difference

Unlike other services who over-promise and under-deliver, StaffDNA ensures your facility will:

- Receive quality candidates timely
- Connect with candidates who have positive attitudes and experience
- Meet all agreed upon service level agreements (SLAs)

Our flexible contracts provide:

- Variable contract lengths to better support your facility
- Easy-to-cancel temporary worker contracts
- Penalty fees paid to healthcare provider if we don't achieve agreed upon service level agreements (SLAs)

StaffDNA only works with JCAHO-certified suppliers that follow the NATHO.org ethical standards.

Discover the StaffDNA Difference

In return of our commitment, we ask only three things of our facility clients:

- Agree to our fair, reasonable contractual terms
- Uphold agreed upon payment terms
- Provide timely feedback for submittals, interviews and offers

Discover the StaffDNA Difference

Partnering with StaffDNA for a VMS/MSP solution allows you to simplify the hiring process and focus on quality patient care.

Here are more ways we stand behind our commitment to you:

- Incentivize staffing firms to fill key job openings
- Reduce fees charged to staffing firms, so higher rates can be passed along to candidates
- No fees for using our service or switching from a different VMS/MSP to StaffDNA
- Help staffing suppliers find candidates through our database of 1 million+ candidates
- Job Board service: Post to the nation's largest healthcare-specific Job Board (45,000+ jobs)