Turn yourself "ON" to JobCast

a faster way to find jobs in hospitals.


What do you do? What do you like? Where do you want to be? Tell us what you want so JobCast knows the types of jobs to look for.


Turn JobCast “ON” to tell employers you are looking for jobs in hospitals. They will have the ability to contact you directly.


After you land a job, turn JobCast “OFF” to tell employers you are not available. You can turn JobCast back “ON” whenever you want.

JobCast works by broadcasting your unique qualifications and preferences to healthcare employers who have the jobs you want. Update the Employment Preferences section of your Career Profile, and turn the JobCast switch “ON”. Employers with jobs in hospitals that match what you are looking for will be able to connect with you directly.

The JobCast switch gives you the ability to signal employers that are more than just a good match for you—they’re actively seeking to hire you. With JobCast switched “ON” you put yourself in the best possible position for hire, because employers know you really want the job.

Use JobCast to find jobs faster than ever.

When it's "ON" it's on.

JobCast is literally the switch that sets a successful job search in motion—a brand new service that broadcasts to healthcare employers that you’re ready the job search and available for hire.

JobCast converts your job preferences into your own personal online recruiter and tells employers the exact position you want and where you want it.

Just switching the JobCast switch “ON” is all it takes to get your job-search started. JobCast saves you from browsing multiple career websites and submitting several job applications. The instant you turn your JobCast switch “ON”, healthcare employers know to view your StaffDNA Career Profile. If they have jobs that match what you’re looking for, they’ll directly notify you. It’s that simple.

StaffDNA’s JobCast offering is a new and unique approach for healthcare professionals looking for jobs in hospitals. It takes the most tedious part of the job hunt—the searching—out of the equation and automates everything for you. Turn your Career Profile “ON” and let JobCast find your next opportunity!

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