StaffDNA becomes first company to offer a complete healthcare marketplace, providing travel, local, permanent, and PRN opportunities in a single mobile app

PLANO, Texas — September 7, 2022 — StaffDNA, the digital marketplace for healthcare careers, has announced the addition of PRN placement services. Beginning September 15, StaffDNA becomes the first company to offer travel, local, permanent, and PRN opportunities in a single app. With this addition, healthcare workers have more options to choose how, when, and where they want to work.

“StaffDNA’s vision is to create a marketplace that gives healthcare candidates complete control over their careers. The addition of PRN placement services puts us one step closer to that goal,” said Sheldon Arora, CEO of StaffDNA. “Now healthcare professionals can find, book, and manage any kind of job they’re looking for without having to use multiple apps or agencies. By offering PRN opportunities, we’re helping facilities fill positions quickly and efficiently, while giving healthcare professionals true scheduling freedom.”

With the inclusion of PRN jobs, StaffDNA provides healthcare professionals with flexibility to take on short-term shifts that better fit their schedules or pick up extra work to meet immediate financial needs. Job seekers can access StaffDNA’s full job board without having to register, and all available positions are updated in real time—giving workers full transparency into available shifts and pay. Everything can be controlled in the app, from managing profiles, to compliance, signing up for shifts, and logging hours. And by creating greater efficiencies in the hiring and onboarding process, StaffDNA is able to offer the highest pay packages available.

StaffDNA’s mobile-based platform is designed to be agile, so new features and capabilities can be quickly added to meet the changing demands of the healthcare staffing industry. StaffDNA will be offering PRN nationwide, following an initial rollout in Palm Beach, Florida on September 15.

Recently surpassing 500,000 downloads in a matter of months, StaffDNA is the #1 downloaded healthcare staffing industry app, providing the widest range of professions and specialties nationwide.

About StaffDNA

Founded by the staffing veterans at LiquidAgents Healthcare, technology leaders and private investors, StaffDNA created a new staffing model that gives professionals complete control to find, book, and manage jobs independently. StaffDNA is the first digital marketplace that allows healthcare professionals to connect directly with employers, providing the freedom to find the jobs they want, all while making it easier and more efficient for healthcare facilities to manage their staffing needs. To learn more, visit StaffDNA’s app is available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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