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All Specialties, All Settings

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Find nursing jobs in travel, staff, local, & per diem

Our platform offers Nursing candidates in all specialties unparalleled job and pay transparency, along with customizable job searches, in-app compliance, and empowering career management tools and features.

Through staffdna®, candidates and the facilities have the most streamlined approach to finding exactly what they’re looking for: each other.

The Highest Paying Nursing Jobs, On Your Terms

Our technology is so cost efficient, we’re able to pay nursing candidates the highest pay packages in the industry, as well as occasionally offering bonus incentives to actives or new employees. Our platform also empowers you to take on the role of recruiter, finding exactly the jobs you want, right down to ensuring you have the pay package that you’re looking for.

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Nursing Recruiting Experts

With staffdna®, you can choose the full recruiting experience or connect with experts as needed

Even though our advanced tech enhances autonomy for healthcare professionals, staffdna®’s Nursing Recruiting Experts are trained to work with professionals in all specialties and are equipped to assist you with expertise and understanding. Experts will work with you to find the jobs you want to build the career you love.

You can reach a recruiting expert right through the app! Contact us anytime for expert support.

Have It All With staffdna®

Per diem opportunities included

staffdna® has the only healthcare career app that includes per diem shifts along with travel, staff, and local opportunities.

Per diem, or working “by the day,” is essential for keeping healthcare facilities staffed with highly qualified healthcare professionals as needed.

See fully transparent shift, job, and pay details.

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The App That
Changed Everything

The only one-stop platform offering unparalleled transparency and an ever-growing list of features so you can find, book, and manage your next job all in one place.

Personalize pay packages

Customizable “new job” alerts

Manage timesheets

Request extensions

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