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Registration And Qualifications

Download our digital app from the App Store or Google Play. Then simply open the app, select Create Account, and provide your information as directed, or go online to, select Create Account, and follow the same steps from the app.

Candidates are typically contacted within 24-48 hours. For a faster experience, please ensure your candidate profile is fully complete, all licenses and certifications are uploaded, and all work history is up-to-date.

To match you with the best healthcare facilities and positions that fit your needs, we’ll need to verify employment history, licensing, certifications, and any other pertinent information the facility may require—such as charting systems experience or trauma level experience. Thankfully, you can upload and maintain all this information easily through your app or online account!

StaffDNA does not issue vaccination mandates, however, nearly all healthcare facilities are requiring it per CDC and Federal Government guidelines.

First, check to see if Covid and other vaccination requirements are listed in a post’s Job details. If not specifically listed, reach out to your candidate care team member for confirmation. Our system is not set up to accommodate weekly testing. If a facility does not require vaccination but requires weekly testing, speak with your candidate care team member for further information.

StaffDNA makes it easy to upload vaccination records to your profile, and we are available to help answer questions as needed.

Our agency requires 2 years of experience within the specialty you would like to apply to, with 6 months of recent bedside experience.

If you’re registered, reach out to your designated recruiter to get immediate assistance. You can also call our main line directly during business hours at (888) 998-7323.

If you’re unregistered, don’t know your recruiter’s name, or just prefer, you can use the Contact Us form link on the app or at

We prioritize these inquiries, and you should receive a follow-up response within 30 minutes during normal business hours.

Job Board And Pay Details

We understand it’s important for candidates to view only available positions, so we update our job board daily. While not all facilities will move quickly on applications, positions that have been filled will be removed each business day to ensure the most accurate job postings are available.

To qualify for a travel assignment, you need to travel at least 50 miles or more from your tax home depending on the facility’s travel requirements. Some facilities require a larger distance to qualify as a traveler.

Hot Jobs are those positions hiring quickly and will usually get a response within 24 hours. Featured Jobs are StaffDNA’s recommended facilities based on positive feedback from our employees.

Typical travel contracts are 13 weeks but can range anywhere between 4 weeks to up to a year. You can see all job details in the StaffDNA app and online Job Board, including the assignment duration. Oftentimes facilities offer extensions, which many travelers choose if they enjoy the hospital and location.

For Hot Jobs, submittal feedback is generally received within 24 hours. When applying for other posts, you should get a response within 48-72 hours. For quicker feedback, please make sure your profile is 100% complete.

Weekly pay packages are broken down by the taxable hourly rate and the non-taxed stipends for lodging and meals & incidentals to cover maintaining duplicate costs of living while working away from home.

Gross Weekly Pay is the weekly total amount of wages and stipends before taxes.

Estimated Take Home is the estimated take home based on a 19% tax burden. Note: Actual tax rates are based on your individual factors, so this is just an estimate.

There are several other factors that impact the hourly rates and stipends including location and the average cost of living in the area; nursing specialties; how quickly you can start an assignment; the current travel job market; benefits selected, etc.

Yes, we do! Local contracts are typically less than 50 miles from your tax home address and compensation is all taxed instead of receiving tax-free travel stipends.


A great feature about StaffDNA is that you can customize your own pay packages in the app and online—whether you’re registered or not. You can select the type of benefits, housing and travel allowance you’ll need, and the pay package will automatically adjust. Follow these steps to build your own pay package:

  1. In the mobile app, select a job you’re interested in to see more details.
  2. Tap View Pay Details.
  3. Under Options, you can edit and add housing, benefits and travel allowance if needed.
  4. If you select benefits, choose from medical, dental and vision options for yourself and/or your family. (Learn more in the Benefits FAQ)
  5. If you select a travel allowance, input the amount needed (up to $600) and click Apply. (Learn more in the Travel Allowance FAQ)

*Referral Bonus Guidelines

To be eligible for the bonus, the referral must be new to StaffDNA; book an assignment with us within 180 days of referral; and successfully complete their contract. Bonuses depend on the referral’s position and duration of their contract:

For Registered Nurses:
$750 for 13+ weeks
$500 for 8-12 weeks

For Allied Health Professionals:
$500 for 13+ weeks
$350 for 8-12 weeks

Travel Allowances, Housing, Travel Stipends & Benefits

A travel allowance is an optional pay benefit to help get to and from an assignment. StaffDNA offers up to $600 in travel allowance. 50% of the amount will be paid on the first paycheck of the assignment and 50% paid on the final paycheck. All travel allowances are taxed unless the employee submits valid travel receipts by the specified payroll deadline.

In the Mobile App, you can select a travel allowance amount when customizing weekly pay packages and it will recalculate the weekly pay rates accordingly.

Note: If you don’t take a travel allowance, that amount is allocated in untaxed stipends. Not taking a travel allowance will result in a higher weekly pay package.


In addition to competitive pay and opportunities to see new places, housing options are frequently available to help you customize your pay package to suit your needs. For candidates who qualify, a housing stipend is a sum of money we provide to cover the cost of housing that you choose for yourself while on assignment. If you already maintain a permanent home address, stipends are tax-free for travel purposes.

As a reference for these rates, we use, which is updated in real-time. To qualify for a stipend, the general rule of thumb is that the assignment must be 50 miles or more from the travel nurse’s tax home, however, you’ll want to confirm for each specific location.


Valid travel receipts are either an emailed receipt of the travel expense or a photocopy of the paper receipt. Photos of receipts taken with your phone will also be accepted. However, bank statements are invalid and will not qualify for un-taxed travel allowance.


StaffDNA offers a variety of benefit options for medical, dental, and vision coverages. Blue Cross Blue Shield is our primary medical insurance provider.

In the Mobile App, you can select the benefit options you need for yourself, your spouse and/or children when customizing weekly pay packages. The pay breakdown will automatically adjust depending on the benefits selected.

Depending on the assignment you take with us, you may be able to customize your package for a travel allowance, certification & license reimbursement, and even be eligible for sign-on and completion bonuses.

Additional benefits StaffDNA offers include critical illness and accident coverage, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), 401(k) retirement savings, pet insurance, hearing coverage, and resources for student loan assistance and college savings plans. Contact our support team for more details about these programs.


We provide multiple housing options depending on what you need. You can either find your own housing and get a tax-free housing stipend or opt-in for company-provided housing instead of the tax-free stipend.

If you are a first-time employee for StaffDNA, you qualify for an Extended Stay or similar hotel option. After completing your first contract, we can also offer additional options such as corporate apartment or rental property housing.

Note: If you choose company-provided housing, you will not receive the tax -free housing stipend.

You don’t have to choose benefits through StaffDNA. However, keeping our nurses protected is our top priority, which is why we provide options from world-class providers.

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